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Henrietta SHELMERDINE (1894-1986)


Henrietta SHELMERDINE, Tree001-P05a


Spouse: Peter PENFOLD, Penfold Peter

1 Henrietta SHELMERDINE (1894-1986) [44].

Born 13 Jul 1894, Stockport, Cheshire, England. Marr Peter PENFOLD 2 Dec 1913, St. James, Manitoba, Canada. Died 19 Apr 1986, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Buried 24 Apr 1986, Regina Cemetry, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Ottawa 4th November 1981

Mrs. Henrietta. Penfald.

Margo. P.O. Sask.

Dear Madam;-

"No. 524358 Pte. Peter. Penfold. 3 Fld. Amb.

Dep. Fr. CAMC T. D. No.10.

I regret to have to advise you word has been received be me that the above soldier has been reported Died of wounds 3rd. October 1918.

Commencing with the month of November all future payments to you will be made by the Board of Pension Commissioners, Ottawa. Ont. to whom you may address any correspondance.

When the necessary particulars have been received here from Overseas regarding personal effects, accumulated pay., etc., of this soldier a full settlement of the estate will be made by the Estate Branch Militia and Defence Department, Ottawa.

Yours truly

for Director. S.A & A.P.


Sp. Peter PENFOLD (1887-1918) [43], son of Peter PENFOLD (1840-1907) [23] and Harriet FORD (1844-1906) [26].

Peter Penfold was born in Redhill, Surrey on 13th April 1887 and died on 3rd October 1918 of wounds incurred during the First World War in Pas de Calais, France. He signed his Attestation Paper for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on 1st March 1917 and gave his profession as a butcher. He was 5 feet 5 inches in height had bluish grey eyes and dark brown hair. Peter a Private (524358) of the 3rd Field Amb, Canadian Army Medical Corps, is buried in Bucquoy Road cemetery,Ficheux, Pas de Calais, France. The grave reference is IV. D.17.

He married Henrietta Shelmerdine (Tree001:P05A) on 2nd December 1913 in St.James, Manitoba, Canada.

His last letter to Henrietta was received on 7th October 1918 four days after he died on 3rd October 1918.


His last letter to Henrietta was received on 7th October 1918 four days after he died on 3rd October 1918.

Church Army Recreation Hut

2nd Canadian Fld. Amb. B.E.F. France



My Darling Wife Hetty

Just a few more lines dear to let you know that I am in the best of health and we are getting much nicer weather now its has stopped raining. Mr Frampton is close here somewhere but I dont know just where and Gordon McKaren (?) is somewhere near but I havent seen him since I saw them altogether Nam Mc Kee (?) I believe is running a Divisional Bath house somewhere in France. Well Dear I was at Church Parade this morning at the Church Army hut where I get this

Paper they also run a canteen (Dry) &(?) a coffee stall when you send a parcel Dear you might put in a can of coffee au lait we are still in the same old barn. I met a Cousin of mine in the Imperial Army and he gave me the address of my Cousin Tom and I got a Photo of my Cousin which is Toms Daughter I am sending it to you Dear you can see the Penfold face alright it seems marvelous how you find People. We have just got our Tobacco and Cigarettes. I got three packages of Cigarettes and a Bag of Old Chum a packet of spearmint gum and Box of matches a pretty good issue eh Dear. We are having a Bath Parade <word?> from <word?> & tea at Last Post <from?>Ive been looking around for a photograph but haven't found one yet I wrote to Col. Corbett <and?>

<asked?> about the photos we had taken at Witley but I cannot get much satisfaction about it Enclosed is the answer I got back so I am writing to London to find out if they have any more left if so I shall have to buy

another it is getting near from <velrds?> Dear so must close love with all my love & kisses to you my darling and the Dear children

xxxxxxxxxxxx your own true and own loving

xxxxxxxxxxx Husband Pete X X X



PENFOLD, P Private 524358 03/10/1918 Canadian Army Medical Corps Canadian IV. D. 17. BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUX

In Memory of Private P Penfold Remembered with Honour

Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux

n Memory of Private 524358, 3rd Field Amb., Canadian Army Medical Corps who died on 03 October 1918


1.1 Harold Leslie PENFOLD (1914-1999) [99].

Born 9 Sep 1914, Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada. Marr Denise Marie PERRY 8 Feb 1945, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Died 16 Oct 1999, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sp. Denise Marie PERRY (1915- ) [100].

1.1.1 Joseph Dewy PENFOLD (1947-1961) [103].

Born 27 Aug 1947, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Died 23 Jun 1961, Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Joseph Dewy was adopted and died in a boating tradgedy.

1.1.2 George Victor PENFOLD (1948-1961) [104].

Born 7 Jul 1948, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Died 23 Jun 1961, Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

George Victor was adopted and died in a boating tradgedy.

1.2 Florence Lavinia Grace PENFOLD (1916-2008) [101].

Born 28 Mar 1916, Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada. Marr Norman Victor CROMARTY 26 Oct 1946, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Died 12 Feb 2008, St. Pauls Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sp. Norman Victor CROMARTY (1913-1985) [102].


1"Henrietta Penfold - Notification Of Death".

Source: Henrietta Penfold - Notification Of Death