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Ann RIDLEY ( - )


Spouse: William PENFOLD

1 Ann RIDLEY ( - ) [175].

Sp. William PENFOLD1 (1791-1872) [1], son of John PENFOLD ( - ) [76] and Elizabeth SANDELL ( - ) [77].

William Penfold was born in Itchingfield, and baptised in that parish on 23rd October 1791. His parents were John and Elizabeth Penfold, nee Sandell. Prior to 1821 there is no mention of the surname Penfold and the name is not listed in the census of that year for Hartfield.

William, was a widower of Hartfield when he married Hannah Humphrey a spinster also of the parish on 18th February 1821. This began a Penfold association with the village that lasted throughout the remainder of the century.

To date, nothing is known of William's first wife and it is assumed that they lived outside of the parish when she was alive.


Hartfield Parish Magazine

The following is an excerpt from the Hartfield parish magazine for September 1868. It would appear that both William Penfold senior and William Penfold junior were keen gardeners. There is also a mention of a young Arthur Penfold junior for the child’s prize for wild flowers.

The Annual Cottage Garden Show

Page xxxv.

Took place on Wednesday, the 19th of last month. Partly owing to the long drought, the gardens were not so good as in several past years; the produce, however, was excellent in quality. Prizes will be given next year for Cottage Flowers, and the general appearance of the windows in which they are placed. The prize list is as follows:-

For the best Cultivated Gardens. – Class I. – First prize, 15s., William Penfold, sen., Hartfield Green ; second, 10s., James Mitchell, Spring Cottage; third, 5s., Frederick Crowhurst, Colstock. Class II.

First prize, 10s., not awarded, no garden worthy; second, 5s.,

Humphrey Gasson, Colstock.

For Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. – The best 12 Kidney Potatoes, 5s., William Penfold, jun .; 2nd, 4s., William Penfold, sen.; 3rd, 3s., Samuel Parnell; 4th, 2s., George Edwards. The best 12 Round Potatoes, 5s., Michael Waters; 2nd, 4s., William Penfold, jun.; 3rd, 3s., John Miles; 4th 2s., William Penfold, sen. The best 12 Onions, 5s., Thomas Still; 2nd, 3s., William Penfold, jun.; 3rd, 1s. 6d.,

William Penfold, sen. The best six Parsnips, 3s. 6d., George Edwards; 2nd, 2s. 6d., Samuel Parnell; 3rd, 2s., Frederick Crowhurst. The best six Carrots, 3s. 6d., William Penfold, sen.; 2nd, 2s. 6d., William Penfold, jun.; 3rd, 1st. 6d., William Firminger. White Turnips, no award. The best six Swede Turnips, 3s. 6d., William Penfold, sen.; 2nd, 2s., no award. The best six Mangold Wurzell,

3s. 6d., James Mitchell; 2nd, 2s., John Wheatley. The best three Cabbages, 3s. 6d., Caesar Gurr; 2nd, 2s. 6d., William Brown; 3rd, 1s. 6d., William Penfold, sen. The best 25 pods of House Beans, 2s. 6d., Thomas Still. The best 25 pods of Scarlet Runners, 2s. 6d., William Penfold, sen. The best bunch of Herbs, 2s. 6d., William Penfold, jun.; 2nd, 1s. 6d., William Penfold, sen. The best Nosegay

Of Gardens Flowers, 3s. 6d., George Turner; 2nd, 2s. 6d., William Hoath; 3rd, 1s. 6d., James Mitchell. The best six Blossoms of any Flower grown in the open air, no award. The best Flower in a pot, 2s. 6d., Mrs. Obed Farmer; 2nd, 1st. 6d., Edward Hollamby; 3rd, no award.

Page xxxvi.

Honey. – First prize, 5s., George Turner; 2nd, 2s. 6d., William Sands.

Children’s Prizes. – For the best Nosegay of Wild Flowers, 1s. 6d., Emily Crouch; 2nd, 1s., Arthur Penfold; 3rd, 6d., Thomas Hollamby.

Table Bouquets (given by C. Reily, Esq.) – First prize, 10s., The Rev. E. Polehampton; 2nd, 5s., W.Wallis, Esq.

Extra Prizes. – For Kidney Potatoes, 1s. 6d. each to Michael Waters, James Mitchell, and William Penfold, sen. Round Potatoes, 1s. 6d. each to John Miles, William Penfold, jun., and Frederick Crowhurst. Onsions, 1st 6d., George Edwards. Plums 1s. 6d. each to James Hills and George Turner. Apples 1s., John Wheatley.

Garden Productions, 5s., W. Hallett.



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