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Agnes GOSSIP (1889-1939)


Agnes Monteith GOSSIP, 1912, age 23, Tree001-W21a


Spouse: Thomas Edwin PENFOLD, 1912, age 25

1 Agnes Monteith GOSSIP (1889-1939) [116].

Born 1889. Marr Thomas Edwin PENFOLD 1914, Fulham, London, England. Died 1939.

Sp. Thomas Edwin PENFOLD (1887-1949) [115], son of Charles R PENFOLD (1865-1917) [93] and Mary Anna TUCKER (1860-1945) [94].

THOMAS was considered a ‘difficult’ man and did not, I felt, share in the strong mutual affinity that his four siblings enjoyed. He was more attracted to ‘authority’ than the others, and of his male brothers & in-laws, the only one to attain the rank of corporal. It is said that he rebuked his brothers and their mates, during a jollification, for behaviour unbecoming to associates of a corporal in uniform. He married Agnes Gossip, a highly nervous and gentle soul. The family was very fond of her, and often shocked by what they say as humiliating treatment she received from him. They had 2 children Charles and Joan (ca 1915 &1918) who were more of their mothers gentle disposition. In the 1930’s and early 1940’s Tom was elected as a member of Mitcham Borough Council, and enjoyed being addressed as Councillor Penfold. He served as a special Constable for part of WW2 and about this time Agnes died. After the war he had a succession of jobs as a ‘trusty’ type of housekeeper. He was a tall, rather impressive looking man, and had little difficulty of finding such work. He was remarried to a Roman Catholic, and converted to that faith. When his brother Ted heard of this from my mother (Jo) he wrote back, saying ‘so Tom’s gone over to the enemy.’ They adopted a little boy(Billie) and seemed to find suitable work as a live-in housekeeping couple.

[Transcription of Letters from Peter Reich - December 2000]


1.1 Charles Edwin PENFOLD (1915-1969) [148].

Born 19 Aug 1915, Fulham, Middlesex, England. Died 22 Apr 1969, Croydon, Surrey, England.

1.2 Joan Isabel PENFOLD (1920-1999) [149].

Born 26 Nov 1920, Fulham, London, England. Marr Anthony Jack RICKARD 1941. Died 22 Feb 1999, Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

Sp. Anthony Jack RICKARD (1921-1999) [150].