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The History Of The Hartfield Penfolds

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Green Cottages, Hartfield, home of William Penfold and his family.

This site is focused on the Penfold tree descended from William Penfold of Hartfield, Sussex, England. Prior to 1821 there is no mention of the surname Penfold within the village. William, born in Itchingfield, was a widower when he married Hannah Humphrey a spinster of the parish on 18th February 1821. This began a Penfold association with the village that lasted throughout the remainder of the century.

This local surname study has been registered with The Surname Society

The information on the Hartfied Penfolds contained within this site is being rechecked as it is being rekeyed. Sources will be appended when the core data has been entered. It is considered that the information contained within this tree is currently the most accurate available on the Internet.

The descendants of this couple can now be found in Australia, Canada, England, France and the United States.

The Australian branch was started by Charles Edward Powell Penfold in 1925. On arrival in Australia he changed his name to Ted Powell. His descendants now have this surname.

The first Canadian branch was started in1895 by Peter Penfold when he emigrated with his family.

A second Canadian branch was formed by the children of Harriet Mary Penfold, nee Tubb, who emigrated to Canada at various dates.

1899: George Edward Penfold -

date unknown: Grace Joy Penfold -

1910: Harriett Mary Penfold, nee Tubb -

date unknown: Bert Penfold -

1910: Frederick William Penfold -

A Word Of Warning:

It is beholden on the reader to check the accuracy of any links to Penfold family trees posted on this website or generally on the Internet. Some sources of Penfold information on the Internet contain very inaccurate data.

Special attention is brought to any reference pertaining to the parentage of John of Itchingfield who married Elizabeth Sandell. At this stage there is insufficient supporting data to make a categoric statement as to his ancestors. Any trees making an assumption should be treated with extreme caution.

Generally, if a Penfold tree does not give references to original documentation that can be checked by the researcher, the information contained therein may be inaccurate.


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